Is Fallout 5 Here? Bethesda is a Tease

On 29 May, Bethesda released this absolute tease of a tweet:

Anyone who knows anything about gaming knows that Fallout is totally the best game series of all time. (Come at me). And I, along with a ton of other people, absolutely can’t wait for a Fallout 5.

(Haven’t played Fallout 4? I recommend it wholeheartedly. Buy it here)

The visual in the tweet – the old-fashioned television screen with the words ‘please stand by’ – is as iconic in the Fallout universe as this dude…

Watch Please Stand By from Bethesda on

[Don’t Worry – the above video is completely SFW – unless you’re meant to be working… in which case you’re breaching the rules already. I’m not judging, but…]

As a result, it’s pretty clear that a MASSIVE Fallout announcement is coming. When Bethesda released Fallout 4, they underwent a pretty similar process.

So, Is Fallout 5 On The Way?

Hold your horses.

Unfortunately, despite the aggressive marketing campaign, this is unlikely to be Fallout 5’s announcement.

Yeah, I know. I’m sad too…

Why is it probably something else, you ask?

At DICE 2016, Bethesda mentioned that it was busy working on 3 new projects that were “kind of big and crazy—but in many ways different than things we’ve done before.”

Additionally, it’s unlikely that Bethesda has developed a new game engine upon which Fallout 5 would run – after all, the last one took them 7 years.

If It Isn’t Fallout 5, What Is It?

There are a number of possibilities – each of which are still super-exciting.

Fallout 4.5

Think New Vegas. After Fallout 3, Bethesda allowed Obsidian to use their game engine and create the Fallout game that many believe is the best in the series.

Unfortunately, we can be all but certain that Obsidian will not be creating a Fallout 4.5…

That said, it’s still totally possible that Bethesda has done a similar thing, but with a different developer.

Fallout 3 Remaster

This year marks Fallout 3’s 10-year anniversary. Since Fallout 3 is the first of the ‘modern-era’ Fallout games, it’s highly possible that Bethesda are remastering it for new consoles. Not as hype as the first suggestion, but still a cool option.

A New Fallout App/Mobile Game

After Fallout Shelter did phenomenally, Fallout may be trying their hand at another mobile game, or some other form of app-based content.

While this is the least appealing of these options (in my opinion), it would still be a clever move for Bethesda given their aforementioned success on mobile.

While I’m generally not the biggest fan of mobile games, there is one type of Fallout mobile game that I could get behind:

Fallout GO…

Imagine a similar concept to Pokemon GO, but instead of catching pokemon, you were fighting Deathclaws at your nearest supermarket, or going to a coffee shop to loot for virtual survival supplies.

Actually, I might want this more than Fallout 4.5, now.

Presumably we’ll have to wait until E3 2018 – 12th to 15th June – to find out what’s next for the Fallout series. But that’s not going to stop us fans from speculating.

What do YOU think the announcement is about? Let me know on Twitter!

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